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New Heart Monitor System Improves Rehab

A new telemetry system is up and running in the Cardiac Rehab Department at FRHS.  This wireless monitoring system allows the nurses to keep tabs on the heart rhythms for up to four persons at a time.  The system produces diagnostic quality strips similar to an ECG.  This quality will give cardiologists and physicians better information when making decisions about abnormal heart conditions.

Besides improved cardiac monitoring, the system also allows staff to do electronic charting.  The system comes with a built-in charting system that is in compliance with national guidelines and standards.  Electronic charting systems are required to be in place by 2014.

"We're so impressed with the enhanced quality of our equipment," said Cardiac Rehab Director Beth Preheim.  "On the very first day of use, we had to send abnormal rhythm strips for review by a cardiologist.  We've already seen benefits in having the new system."

With the new telemetry rhythm strips on board the next stage is to convert the entire paper chart system to an electronic record and then work to interface with the clinic and hospital system.  The rehab department will receive advanced training in early June and plans to complete the major steps by the end of June.

"We're grateful for all the support from those who donated to the foundation.  The community support made this possible," said Preheim.