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Music and Memory Ipod Project to be Implemented at Oakview terrace


"My pain melts away as I get absorbed in the music....everything calms down when I listen to my ipod."  Steve

The Music and memory Ipod Project was the brainchild of Dan Cohen, who founded the project in 2006.  Dan discovered that none of the 16,000 long term care facilities used ipods for their residents.

Dan became a volunteer at a local nursing home in the greater New York area, and created personalized playlists for residents.  The program was a hit with residents, staff and families, and became the prototype for a bigger effort.

Since then, the personalized ipod music programs have been implemented in hundreds of care facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada.  

Oakview Terrace Nursing Home has made the decision to implement the Music and memory Ipod Project.

"We believe this project will benefit the residents of Oakview Terrace in many different ways," said Social Worker Amanda Mettler, who first shared this idea with FRHS Administrator Nick Brandner.

"We have received much support from our administration and as a team are very excited to bring this project to our residents.

"Music touches people in ways that nothing else can.  Research shows that music affects our brains in a unique way, with studies showing that residents benefit from personalized music in ways that will significantly improve their quality of life," Mettler said, "including reconnecting with memories, reducing agitation, improving mood and behaviors, restoring a sense of identity, and increasing socialization.  I excourage everyone to watch the documentary Alive Inside to witness the amazing power of personalized music!"

A team has been organized at Oakview Terrace to develop the process of implementing the use of ipods for residents.

"We think this will be a transformative thing in the lives of many of our residents," said mettler.  "We are all very excited about this!"

There will be much more information to come about this new and exciting project, as it develops.

Stay tuned for more information on ways in which individuals, family members and businesses can contribute to this very important project!