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Pelvic Health Therapy

What is Pelvic Health Therapy?
Pelvic health physical therapy involves treatments focused on the group of muscles & structures that lay in the pelvic cavity. The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for a wide variety of body functions. They assist with pelvic organ support, bowel & bladder control and sexual functions. A patient may be referred to pelvic health physical therapy for:
  • Difficulty holding in urine
  • Constipation or issues with bowel
  • Pelvic pain 
  • Painful intercourse
  • Pregnancy & postpartum care 
  • Coccyx pain
  • Abdominal pain 
  • Abdominal muscle separation
  • Hip pain
  • Post pelvic surgery
What treatment options exist for pelvic health?
Much like physical therapy for other parts of the body, a pelvic health physical therapist uses a variety of treatment techniques focused on the pelvic floor. The therapy plan may consist of education, exercise, manual therapy, pelvic floor biofeedback, modalities, & tools such as a vaginal dilator or vaginal weights.
At FRHS, we respect the privacy of patients who need pelvic health physical therapy.  We offer confidential treatment in private rooms outside our Wellness Center to provide the highest standard of care.

Physical Therapist Rebecca Schultz
PT , DPT, CLT, CAPP Certified Level 2 APTA Pelvic PT

Rebecca Schultz earned her doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from the University of South Dakota. After graduation, she worked 8 years at Avera St. Benedict in Parkston, SD, where she received clinical education as a pelvic health physical therapist. Rebecca started at FRHS in 2017 & earned her lymphedema certification from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies in 2019. She continues to work with general outpatient orthopedics & inpatient care while serving patients in the specialty areas of pelvic health & lymphedema / wound care management. Rebecca lives southwest of Freeman with her husband & 2 children. 

For information about the FRHS pelvic health therapy program contact Physical Therapist Rebecca Shultz at Rebecca.Schultz@freemanregional.com or call her at 605-925-4000.